Photo of Aldin Sabic

Aldin (he/they) is a PR student who can often be found with a cold brew in hand. He loves cats and has seen every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (Twitter: @aldinsabic)

Photo of Alexis Rodrigues

Alexis (she/her) is a PR student, and you will probably never see her not smiling or laughing. She is curious about the world and loves being surrounded by her friends and family. (Twitter: @alexisrodd)

Photo of Alyssa Luhowy

Alyssa (she/her) is an avid iced coffee drinker who is usually seen laughing it up with her favourite pals. She enjoys sports, photography, and design.

Photo of Bre Kelly

Bre (she/they) loves creating beautiful images and dissecting what makes other images beautiful. Though often found behind the camera or editing on a computer, Bre’s claim-to-fame is working on Schitt’s Creek.

Photo of Brayden Solberg

Brayden Solberg (he/him) is a self-proclaimed funny guy who enjoys stand-up comedy, sports, and finding the bright side of every situation.

Photo of Casey Challes

Casey switched creative hats when she left the theatre industry in pursuit of a career in copywriting. She always has a question, sometimes knows the answer, and agonizes over writing a two-sentence bio. (Twitter: @CaseyChalles)

Photo of Celeen George

Celeen is a bubble tea drinker and anime lover. She enjoys eating food, blasting music, and writing strategy. She is a mother to her cat, Phil.

Photo of Cody Sellar

Cody is a Winnipeg writer. (Twitter:@CodySellar)

Photo of Colin Jackson

Colin (he/him) is a 25-year-old CreComm student who is specializing in Public Relations and Communications Management and loves the outdoors. Colin hunts, fishes, and camps all over Canada. He has a passion for wilderness conservation and exploration.

Photo of Corbin Hollins

Corbin Hollins (he/him) is an advertising and marketing student who drinks a case of Bubly a day. If he’s not busy over-analyzing every ad he sees, he’s probably re-watching School of Rock for the 800th time. (Twitter: @corbhollins)

Photo of Dan Phelps

Dan (he/him) loves to solve art problems. He enjoys being anywhere a bicycle can travel. (Instagram: @dan_j_phelps)

Photo of Deklan Michie

Deklan is a media production student with an erratic sleep schedule. He loves music and movies. One day he’d like to make both, but for now, he’s trying to make the most of his youth while he still has it.

Photo of Daniel Halmarson

Daniel (he/him) is a journalist who fell in love with storytelling at a young age. He loves creating everything from brunches to mixtapes and hopes to one day be a Jeopardy! contestant. (Twitter: @dhalmark)

Photo of Eden Toth

Eden (she/her) is currently studying advertising and marketing. She dedicates all of her work to her dog Clover and the endless ice coffees she drinks while creating. (Social Media: @eden_toth)

Photo of Emily Hart

Emily (she/her) is an advertising and marketing student who loves writing and strategizing. Her short-lived education in fine art inspired her to create a blog about local female and non-binary artists where she encourages creativity and self-expression.

Photo of Emily Chandler

Emily (she/her) is an advertising and marketing student who loves to work collaboratively with others. You can always find her with a coffee, a graphic t-shirt, and a smile. (Twitter: @emchandler4)

Photo of Emma Carey

Emma (she/they) is an avid music festival fan, adventure seeker, and curious creative. She likes to spend her time cuddling her cat Cash, making too many to-do lists, and eating kettle-cooked salt and vinegar chips.

Photo of Ethan Ani

Ethan (he/him) is a video maker, photo taker, and margin doodler. He aggressively nods when listening to people talk and tries to find the art in everything. (Social media: @EthanAni)

Photo of Ginaya Jesmer

Ginaya (she/her) is a white-passing Oji-Cree mental health advocate and former youth-in-care who spends most of her time taking photos, writing, and designing. She believes everyone has at least one good story to tell. (Twitter: @ginayajesmer)

Photo of Hiatt Abendschoen


Hiatt Abendschoen has always enjoyed telling stories, whether it be telling of his own life or written fiction. He now has embarked on telling the true stories of his community through a career in journalism.

Photo of Jodi Lickley

Jodi (she/her) is an advertising and marketing student who loves drinking coffee, jamming to music, and sparking laughter in a room. You can find her snowboarding in the winter and camping in the summer.

Photo of Jason Moore

Jason Moore grew up in the village of Sundridge, Ontario. He joined the Army after high school and served on multiple domestic and international operations. He recently swapped his rifle for a camera.

Photo of Joseph Boulet
Photo of Josh Kjarsgaard

Josh is full-time student and part-time nerd who loves watching and making movies. He believes if his stories connect with just one person, that’s a job well done. (Instagram:@joshkjarsgaard)

Photo of Karlee Benediktson

Karlee (she/her) (Twitter: @kbenediktson) is a public relations and communications management student who loves cheese, singing into kitchen spoons and hosting dance parties at the cabin.

Photo of Keanna Kennington

Keanna (she/her) is a public relations major who loves petting cats and dogs, creating art, telling stories, and seeking out funky and weird things to snap pictures of. (Instagram: @kikithevirgo)

Photo of Kelsey Norquay

Kelsey is a perpetual optimist and mental health advocate. Her cats say she’s pretty cool.

Photo of Katlyn Streilein

Katlyn (she/her) is a journalist and visual artist working in the medium of truth. She believes in synchronicity, paperback novels, and the transformative power of the great American road trip. (@KatlynStreilein) 

Photo of Kyle Weidman

Kyle is a caffeine fiend and nicotine goblin. He enjoys long walks at night, when people are asleep and it’s no longer “going for a stroll” but “alarming and antisocial behaviour”. Kyle loves editing so much, it cost him everything and he spent years on the run. He is also a respected humanitarian, a renowned wit, and a repeated liar.

Photo of Mackayla Essery

Mackayla (she/her) is a strategic thinker and writer who advocates for better workplace culture. You can find her scrounging Pinterest for her next DIY craft to try or taking photos of her cat. (Twitter: @mackaylaessery)

Photo of Miya Saj

Miya (she/her) is an advertising and marketing student who does her best work after 3 a.m. If you can’t find her in the pasta aisle, she’s at home creating Spotify playlists for every occasion. (Instagram: @miyajaye)

Photo of Michelle Karlenzig

Michelle (she/her) is a journalism student with the gift of gab. She has a hunger for human rights and a love for travelling the world. (Social Media: @michellekarlenz)

Photo of Nicole Brownlee

Nicole (she/her) is a journalism student always looking to learn more. She enjoys researching, reading, and reporting on local issues. (Twitter: @nicolebrownlee8)

Photo of Nick Johnston
Nick (he/him) is a nerdy, cat-obsessed vegan by day and a superhero without superpowers by night. He makes up for it with videography, photography, writing and animation skills.
Photo of Owen Black

Owen (he/him) is a public relations guy with an addiction to the news, politics, and buying new plants. In his free time, he enjoys taking photos, travelling, and feeding his dog Blue too many treats. (Social Media: owenblack_)

Photo of Oksana Preachuk

Oksana (she/her) loves to dance and spend time outdoors, occasionally at the same time. She’s a pet mom to her cat, Minnie, and her dog, Mika, and she loves listening to a good true-crime podcast. (Twitter: @o_preachuk)

Photo of Matt Pikl

Matthew Pikl (Twitter: @mpikl) is Public Relations and Communications professional. Born and raised in Winnipeg. He enjoys reading a good book as much as he enjoys cutting up the dance floor. Hiking, cross country skiing and blogging are a few of the new hobbies he has found since the start of the pandemic.

Photo of Raj Sidhu

Raj is a Punjabi advertising student hoping to accomplish major things in the communications industry. When he isn’t studying, working out, or coaching children’s basketball, he’s hanging out with his dog. He doesn’t have a dog. (Instagram: @rajsinghsidhu)

Photo of Rebecca Driedger

Rebecca (she/her) is a freelance writer, photographer, and graphic designer. She has a BA from Brandon University, will soon graduate from Red River College with a diploma in Creative Communications, and plans to work towards a masters in Creative Writing. (Twitter/Instagram: @rebeccadriedger)

Photo of Ricky Yusishen

Ricky is an advertising gal and avid thrifter. She can often be found hiking through the forest, dancing at a concert, or in the fruity section of the grocery store. (Twitter: RYusishen)

Photo of Rosanna Hempel

Rosanna (she/her) is a journalism student who first inhaled smoke from wildfires and witnessed their orange glow while tree planting in northern Alberta. She’s interested in reporting on health and environmental issues through multimedia. (@RosannaHempel)


Photo of Riley Malinowski

Riley (he/him) is a pyjama pants-wearing, nap-taking hockey fan from Winnipeg. He loves reading, writing, video games, sports, Def Leppard, margaritas, chocolate cookies, Batman, and the smell of morning rain. Oh, and dogs. (Twitter: @WHTRiley)

Photo of Salamon Jannah
Photo of Romeo Shagba

Romeo is a multidisciplinary creative based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Photo of Sarah Ivey

Sarah (she/her) is a lover of general admission concerts, social justice, and take-out sushi. She finds connections in everything around her and spends her days planning future travels while taking nonstop pictures of her cat, Max. (Social Media: @sarahivey__)

Photo of Sheen Chan

Sheen (she/her) is an aspiring filmmaker looking to create meaningful and entertaining content. She’s currently on a mission to try every bubble tea shop in Winnipeg. (Twitter: @Sheenchan14)

Photo of Sierra Pries

Sierra (she/her) is a photographer, passionate public relations student, and a near-textbook 3 on the Enneagram. Lover of music, mid-century design, cocktails, and capturing honest humanity in all forms. (Instagram: @sierrasavannahf)

Photo of Sydney Lockhart

Sydney (she/her) enjoys telling stories from rural Manitoba as a reporter for her community newspapers. She is graduating from The University of Winnipeg and RRC in 2021. When she’s not working she can be found singing at local coffeehouses. (Twitter: @SydneyLockhart_)

Photo of Tanner Banas

Tanner is a second-year advertising student who loves the outdoors. He pays the rent with freelance photography and videography. If he doesn’t have a camera in his hands, it’s because he’s holding a fishing rod. (Instagram: @tannerbanas)

Photo of temp user
Photo of ysmqlsqr ysmqlsqr